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Please call for appointment.  Our hours:M-F 10:30-6:30     Saturday: By appt only.

Straight Frets Guitar Service is the only repair shop in Texas to offer Plek Machine services.  What is the Plek Machine?   It’s a sophisticated CNC (computer numeric controlled) milling machine specifically designed for perfect frets, nut slots, saddles, bridge saddle placement, and even fretboard relief during a refret.

Used by Collings Guitars, Gibson, Martin, Santa Cruz, and many others world wide, this technology takes guitar repair to the highest level.  Please take a few minutes to watch the YouTube video below showing the process of a guitar getting its frets “Plek’d”.   The accuracy of this machine is less than a human hair (Measures in thousands of a millimeter), and saves the information of a cloud for future reference.   Current prices for Plekked frets are $200, or add in $60 for a bone nut.  A refret with fingerboard planed with the Plek, frets pressed and glued in with hide glue, a bone nut, and setup with a Peterson strobe tuner is $500.

Straight Frets now accepts credit cards, in addition to offering AMP and PEDAL REPAIR!   We have an onsite amp tech, along with a tube tester, professional soldering station, and popular tubes in stock.

A basic setup is $75, and includes the best fret polishing and precision setup to your instrument than any other shop in town.  Please refer to our PRICES AND SERVICES page above for a list of everything we do.

Straight Frets is an Austin based guitar repair business focusing on precision fretwork, high quality nuts and saddles, and setups, and electronic work that will bring positive results to your tone, playability, and your experience with music.  Our turnaround time is usually less than a week.

Local Austin bands like Sons of Fathers, White Denim, Quiet Company, in addition to artists like Bob Schneider, Doyle Bramall II, and Bob Dylan have had their guitars, basses, and mandolins worked on here.

The Before and After link above documents over 30 different jobs we do.  From a neck reset & fret work to nuts, saddles, & finish repair and anywhere in between, the pages highlight many things that are done here at the shop.  Hit us up with a question and a picture if you have a special job in mind not listed on our Pricing and Services page above.

I’d like to shout out a sincere THANK YOU to all of the guitar stores and businesses that refer my shop for repair work:  the techs at Guitar Center south, Jim at Guitar Resurrection, Steve at Austin Vintage Guitars, Omar Vallejo at 512 Studios, Matt Parmenter at Ice Cream Factory Studios, David Marshall at Fast Horse Studios, and especially Collings Guitars. Please go do some business with these folks.

Straight Frets is a licensed and insured guitar repair business based is Austin, Texas.  All content on this website have all rights reserved.  Use of any pictures or text must be granted in writing from Danny Shoemaker, owner.


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