About Us

With as many guitars we see each month, there are many aspects of repair that we do that isn’t listed, which is the ability to create jigs, tools, or alternate solutions for solving problems with instruments that reflect experience of building coupled with the spirit of invention. There are a handful of tools not yet listed or photographed on this site, due to them not being patented as of yet.

From Floyd Rose tremolos to banjo mandolins over 125 years old and anywhere in between, if your instrument has frets and needs some help with playability, tone, intonation, or aesthetics, please consider dropping us a line.  Our goal is to make people happy one guitar at a time.


Danny Shoemaker

Although I started building acoustics and electrics in high school, I found my place with setups of high-end classical guitars with an emphasis on intonation as I went to college for classical guitar performance, first at Florida Southern College then at Florida State University where I received a master’s degree from renowned pedagogue, Bruce Holzman. I then continued to expand as a tech, repairman, player, and teacher in Atlanta for almost 10 years, making the rounds to a handful of stores each week, repairing anything that had frets on it. I’ve worked on hundreds of guitars at this time for various stores and recording artists in the pop/rock field, in addition to many internationally famous classical guitarists. Now that number is well into the thousands. My work is precise and clean.

Recent guitars that have been in my shop include many American and Japanese Fenders, Taylor and Martin acoustics, several Gibson Les Pauls and SG’s, in addition to concert classical guitars by Thomas Humphrey, Steven Connor, Raphael Granados, David Rubio, Manuel Rodriguez, and Matthias Dammann. Many UT graduate students bring their guitars to me in addition to their professor, Adam Holzman.


Julio Figueroa- Electronics guru, Mr. positive attitude towards fixing anything, and ambassador of good vibes, Julio’s background comes from GE Aviation for 15 years where he developed software and hardware for downloading airplane flight data.   Julio is a first rate repairman and has hobbies that include making and shredding kite boards & skate boards, modifying motorcycles (Triumph Thruxtons especially), kicking the beats in a few local bands, making Leslie rotating amps, noise making pedals, using his at-home CNC machine, 3-D printing, and building a teardrop trailer in his spare time.   Julio’s computer skills are surpassed only by his people skills.   If you talk to Julio, you’ll certainly have a positive experience.


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