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Dylan’s Southern Jumbo Refret

Here’s a special Gibson Southern Jumbo that came in to the shop belonging to Robert Zimmerman.

I’d like to say a special thanks to the guys at Guitar Resurrection for referring me to this gig. Please go buy some stuff from them.


Bob likes his capo:


First I buffed out the dull nitrocellulose, then heated the frets to remove them cleanly, and then prepped the fingerboard, removing the little tits on the binding.


Each fret slot is meticulously cleaned with this Japanese made fret slot cleaning tool.


The fret wire is prepared with a slightly over bent radius and a tang that’s undercut.


I like to protect the body with matte board from the local art supply store.


After the frets have been installed with glue, and the ends clipped and beveled, the frets are leveled, recrowned, the ends are gently rounded, and then each fret is polished in 5 stages of buffing grits. These stages can be seen on the 1985 Japanese Stratocaster pages, but here I wanted to highlight the fret ends. I take about an hour to gently round over each fret end with two specialty files. One is the “Ultimate Fret End File” found on Ebay (Swiss made), and the other is the Hosco fret end file (Japanese made). These two files cost $75, but that’s how you get these results:


Last thing was a new nut cut from Iboney (ivory treated bone). This material is second to none.



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