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Guild Refret & Fret Buck

Guild refret

Here’s a great sounding vintage Guild D-50 that came through the shop needing to be refretted. The tool we’re using was designed and made here. It adds support underneath the fingerboard extention making it safe to hammer frets over the body. 

fret buck

Inspired by the Taylor Fret Buck and built with solid maple, Kreg aluminum tracks, and hardware from a hand screw clamp, it’s thick leather coated bottom safely spreads the load of the rising block to the top’s binding.

fret slots

The fret slots on this guitar were cut very deep at the factory and there were still gaps once we installed the new frets. We filled these with black super glue, before filing, sanding, and buffing the neck.

guild refret

Here’s a shot of the finished frets and buffed body.  This guitar also had a Fishman Ellipse Matrix blend installed, yet retained all of it acoustic prescence.  These vintage Guilds are truley nice steel strings.


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