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Saddle Slot Jig on a Steve Patience guitar

Steve Patience cedar top guitar

Here’s a beautiful example of a cedar top guitar by the late Steve Patience.  Although this guitar was built with excellent craftmanship, there was a problem with the saddle slot….

Saddle slot

From this angle, we can see a gap beside the saddle that measures .014″, large enough for a fingernail.

Here’s a close up of the original saddle slot:

saddle slot jig

This is the saddle slot jig being used on the Harmony neck reset guitar (next blog).  I forgot to photograpgh the jig on the Patience guitar, but you can see how this jig works.  The round disc has a hole which allows you to target the cut before anything drastic happens.  I run my Ridgid laminate trimmer with a carbide end mill bit to make a smooth cut.

Here’s a close up of the new slot:

acoustic guitar saddle

This is the iboney saddle cut to fit so that the entire guitar body can be picked up off the workbench with only the saddle.  This precision fit allows for maximum contact with the bridge, and maximum resonance with the box.

Here’s the final fitted and intonated saddle:

intonated saddleSteven Patcience guitar


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