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Seagull top replacement

Here’s Seagull Folk S6+ that has seen better days. This instrument had a deep sentimental connection with a married couple, so this accident couldn’t be rectified with a new guitar. The own decided on a new top, so it’s off to the races at Straight Frets…

Seagull- 1 Seagull- 1a The first step was one of the most involved- getting Seagull to send me another top. Despite a fairly well documented site of what we do, I had to make several calls over the course of 5 weeks to get this to start to happen. 2 months later we finally have our top. The good thing was, it’s a Seagull top with Seagull bracing, and a Seagull rosette. Worth the wait for sure.

Seagull- 2 Here we’ve removed the neck and pick guard.

Seagull- 3 Here the body has been prepared with a custom made sanding beam.

Seagull- 4 Once the body was glued in, I took this over to local luthier Matt Danser’s shop to do the cutting of the binding channel.

Seagull- 5 Seagull- 6 Here we are glueing the correct binding into to channel.

Seagull- 7 Seagull- 7a Once that has dried we check the alignment of the string with the bridge to ascess where the bridge exactly goes. We taped off these spots and sprayed it with four coats of satin finish nitro cellulose.

Seagull- 8 Once the bridge and neck have been reattached, minor fret leveling was given to the upper frets, allowing this guitar to play with very low and clear action. The owner was quite happy.

Seagull- 9 Seagull- 10


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