Acoustic Guitar Repairs




Two different Thomas Humphrey Millenium designed classical guitars getting overhauled.



1975 Martin D-35 getting an Iboney saddle and electronic work done.


1965 Masaru Kono concert
classical guitar getting a new
Iboney saddle and ivory nut

1976 DY-74 getting a Fishman
Matrix Ellipse Blend pickup installed


Bob Dylan’s Gibson Southern
Jumbo receiving a fret job, new
Iboney nut, and buffed finish

Steve Patience cedar top guitar

Steve Patience steel string receiving a smooth saddle slot and a new intonated Iboney saddle

Neck Reset Jig

1960’s Harmony having a neck reset performed along with a buffed finish and frets

Guild refret

Guild refret & Fret Buck

J-45 bridge glue

Vintage J-45 having it’s bridge reglued, a partial refret, tuners replaced, finish buffed, and setup with a new iboney saddle.

1947 Epiphone Zenith

1947 Epiphone Zenith having it’s bent truss rod restored, binding and laminated back restored, refretted, and a new intonated wooden bridge cut from some rosewood stock.


1975 Miguel Rodriguez “church door” classical guitar having its bound up tuners restored along with it’s frets and fingerboard.

Epiphone John Lennon

John Lennon Epiphone getting a partial refret and its finish buffed PART 1


John Lennon Epiphone getting a partial refret and its finish buffed PART 2


1991 Manuel Contreras having MOP side dots installed

34-sized-Gibson-1Late 60’s adjustable bridge getting a carbon fiber shim on this rare 3/4 sized Gibson Seagull- 1

Seagull top replaced and neck reset


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