Advanced Work
G & L L-2000 Bass with severe
structural issues, in addition to
having the nut replaced, neck
resurfaced, and a new glossy
front with a touch of Texas.
1977 Gibson Black Beauty with
several strap button footprints
getting filled with maple, painted
with Gibson touch up enamel, and
resurfaced & buffed to a new luster.

Neck Reset Jig

1960’s Harmony having a neck reset performed along with a buffed finish and frets

J-45 bridge glue

Vintage J-45 having it’s bridge reglued, a partial refret, tuners replaced, finish buffed, and setup with a new iboney saddle.

fretless guitar

A Classic Vibe Telecaster having its frets removed and replaced with bone shims

1947 Epiphone Zenith

1947 Epiphone Zenith having it’s bent truss rod restored, binding and laminated back restored, refretted, and a new intonated wooden bridge cut from some rosewood stock.

 1979 Les Paul Custom getting a cavity filled with mahogany and covered with a custom made aluminum plate  Seagull-1-1024x682

Seagull top replaced and neck reset


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