Before and After


PRS McCarty

Fret Leveling and problematic
corrosion removal from the
hardware on a PRS McCarty


1965 Masaru Kono

1965 Masaru Kono concert
classical guitar getting a new
Iboney saddle and ivory nut

Bob Dylan's Gibson Southern Jumbo

Bob Dylan’s Gibson Southern
Jumbo receiving a fret job, new
Iboney nut, and buffed finish

Les Paul

Two different Les Paul Customs
getting Buzz Feiten Nuts installed

1976 DY-74

1976 DY-74 getting a Fishman
Matrix Ellipse Blend pickup installed

1985 Japanese Fender Stratocaster

1985 Japanese Fender Stratocaster
getting a full refret and a bone nut

2001 PRS

2001 PRS having its buckle
rash removed

G&L L-2000 Bass

G & L L-2000 Bass with severe
structural issues, in addition to
having the nut replaced, neck
resurfaced, and a new glossy
front with a touch of Texas.

1966 Fender Telecaster

1966 Fender Telecaster
getting an angled carbon
fiber neck pocket shim
and a copper lined
electronics cavity

Two different Thomas Humphrey
Millennium designed classical
guitars getting overhauled.

1975 Martin D-35

1975 Martin D-35 getting
an Iboney saddle and
electronic work done.

1977 Gibson Black Beauty with
several strap button footprints
getting filled with maple, painted
with Gibson touch up enamel, and
resurfaced & buffed to a new luster.


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