Woody RussellWoody Russell Woody Russell is a blues extroadanaire, player and singer.  In addition to setting up several of his guitars, he has also stopped by and had my shop featured on the reality show Troubadour Texas. Thanks Woody! Photo: Lanie Anderson – Harmoneyes Photography.
“Mr. Shoemaker has worked on several of my instruments, including a rare Grosh, a vintage Gibson jazzbox and a PRS Custom; all of which needed serious fret care and fundamental tweaking, at minimum. I’ve had a bridge updated, new saddles cut on two bridges, tuning machines replaced, frets leveled and finishes buffed on each under the care of Danny Shoemaker. To say that I trust him with all of my cherished instruments is an understatement. He is a serious professional, a craftsmen and an excellent guitarist, as well. He understands that the term “playability” means something different to every player. His reputation for repairs of very high end classical guitars is well documented, but his care for my variety of respectable electrics is equally thoughtful, detailed and, just as important, fairly priced. In Mr. Shoemaker I have found a guitar tech who goes beyond the simple philosophy of “setups” and basic, necessary repairs to deliver truly personalized care for my hard working guitars. I am a professional, touring and recording musician who, respectfully, demands a higher level of care for my instruments because they are directly connected to the functionality of my business. His repairs, upgrades and finish work revitalized my guitars beyond the original build quality of the instruments. I don’t make recommendations lightly, but I can, without hype, recommend Danny Shoemaker, owner/operator of Straight Frets, as a top-shelf craftsman in a city that desperately needs the standard of service his exceptional work meets.”

Matt Dunne



Matt Dunne, professor of composition, jazz, and classical guitar studies at UT San Antonio has brought a few guitars here to Straight Frets: a handmade D’aquisto for binding repair, electronic work, and fret leveling, and the last classical guitar Tom Humphrey ever made for intonation tweaking and fret leveling.  His compositions can be found on CDs from the LA Guitar Quartet.  Here’s a link to his page on UTSA’s site:

Collin Campbell



When you take your guitar to Danny he doesn’t just wipe it down and tune it up, he transforms it into an instrument that looks and plays better than the day it rolled off the assembly line or out of the luthier’s workshop. He has proved himself time and again as a highly skilled craftsman who takes great pride in his work and who goes above and beyond with every job he takes on. In the several years that I’ve known Danny, I’ve been impressed by his continued effort to grow his skills, tools, and capabilities… a sign of someone who is truly passionate about what he does. I will always recommend Straight Frets to all of my fellow players, knowing from my own personal experience that Danny is someone they can rely on to give their most prized possessions the care and attention they need

Ede Wright


Ede Wright

Fusion shredder and studio wizard Ede Wright is one of the most impressive guitarists you’ll see and hear, although you’ll have to go to Atlanta to see him these days. Some of his custom made guitars have been outfitted with woolly mammoth tusk ivory nuts.Check out his playing at:

Matt Raines

Matt Raines


Matt Raines is a 7 string jazz virtuoso and importer of fine 6 and 7-string guitars, many of his guitars have received final setup and fret work here at Straight Frets. Check out his line of guitars and now tube amps at:

Dr. Kim Perlak

Kim Perlak

Dr. Kim Perlak is a professor of guitar at ACC and the Austin Guitar School, both of Kim’s Humphrey concert classical guitars have been overhauled here at Straight Frets with fret leveling, buffing, nut replacement, and action/intonation adjustments.“Danny Shoemaker is the only person I have trusted with my guitars besides the maker himself. Since their last trip to his shop for a set-up, these instruments are playing more easily than ever before and are beautifully restored. Danny works with the professionalism, attention to detail, and creativity of a fine musician. He makes the nerve-wracking process of guitar repair easy, fast, informative, and admittedly fun. Straight Frets is a integral part of my Austin guitar family.”

-Kim Perlak, guitars by Thomas Humphrey (1990, 2003)

Jeff Pinkus

– Bassist for Butthole Surfers had his bass overhauled here before a Stubb’s performance. Humble yet hilarious, Jeff is always a welcome customer.


“I was in a major time crunch on a weekend before a sold out Austin show the next day, with my bridge fallin’ apart.  It was a specialty item so he helped me find the piece and polished my frets and had me set up in time for the show. He knows what he’s doin’ and he’s sympathietic to the dire positions a musician can end up in. Thanks Danny…….”

-J.D. Pinkus


Josh Graveland

– Former Bassist for Alejandro Escovedo and a hell of a nice guy, in addition to being a great player.   Josh has had both of his basses’ frets leveled and recrowned before appearing on the David Letterman show.


Terry Martin

VP of Diamond Amplification out of Houston. These are some serious hard rocking amps. His beautiful custom shop Les Paul in garnet and gold was one of the nicest I’ve seen. To check out these amps and their serious roster of endorsees, check out:


Dr. Andrew Zohn

Andrew Zohn


Dr. Andrew Zohn is a professor of guitar at Columbus State University, have had numerous concert classical guitars set up for his students over the years, in addition to his personal instruments.
Check out his publications and accolades at:

Danny Shoemaker

Danny Shoemaker


Yes, I work on my own guitars too. Here’s a few links to some recent projects:


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