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1960 Stratocaster Fret Level

1960 Fender Strat Neck

It’s hard to believe that this neck is worth over 5 figures, but expensive gear like this is the reason we’re a licenced and heavily insured shop. It’s always a treat to work on these old Fenders like this real-deal 1960 neck with original tuners, nut, and frets.

1960 strat tuners

The owner sent us this neck to do some light fret levelling on. Replacing them would devalue the guitar by 10-15%.  For bolt on necks, we have the right jigs and tools to not need the body to be sent in.

surrogate guitar body

This surrogate body made of curly maple is to attach the neck and to help factor in string tension while leveling frets.

truss rod access stratocaster

Accessing the truss rod would be impossible without this jig.  This is a huge timesaver!

fret wear


The original frets were pitted badly enough to allow for clarity issues of notes in root position. We have to take the frets down whilst being careful not to take too much off.



This new tool from my friend Bernie at is great for measuring fret wear in the string grooves, in addition to doing a handful of other crucial measurements. A highly recommended addition to your workbench.

fret levelling files


Once we’ve ascertained how much metal needs to come off, we use our graded Straight Frets diamond files to level the frets.

fret polishing

Then we crown the frets and polish them out like chrome.  The reduction of dirt and grime between the string and fret ensures the slowest fret wear.


stratocaster neck

And we’re all done! This neck is ready to be sent back to it’s body.



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