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1983 Jackson Randy Rhodes


Here’s the 235th Jackson Randy Rhodes ever made. Being a huge fan of Randy, this one is really special.  It was only in for a basic setup, but wanted to highlight it anyway…


The frets are medium size, and the neck is round and chunky, not at all similar to a modern Jackson. This guitar gives a more vintage / classic vibe, as opposed to the giant frets and thin necks that are so popular today.


This guitar was made in 1983 in the San Dimas factory in California. The first RR ever produced bears the serial number RR0000, making this one the 235th made.


A nice touch on this guitar is its hardware made of solid brass, which can always be polished up in our metal polishing station with Menzerna metal polishing compound.  It brings out a luster similar to gold.


Tone is certainly not compromised from brass, being it is so hard and so dense.  From brass stud inserts on jazz boxes, to nickel plated brass saddles on les pauls, to brass nuts, to George L cable ends, brass is no stranger to the music industry.


Athuogh brass is a softer metal, these saddles are chucky enough to stand the test of time.  Too bad they aren’t made like this any more…


This case is a monster.  It’s probably the first and last time a guitar’s case will be featured, but certainly plenty of protection for this guy.


The owner needed this guitar for an upcoming national tour and had to wait on the deluxe setup for now, which includes the brass polished and the paint buffed.  The owner expressed interest in us fixing some paint chips also, which is featured on the Before and After pages with a Gibson Les Paul Custom getting some strap button holes filled, sanded, and buffed.  Check it out if you have a few moments…


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