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Carbon Neck Shim & Copper Lining

There’s many bolt on neck guitars that have alignment issues due to them not being from the same manufacturer, year, or model of guitar.  In this case, a 1966 Telecaster neck was now connected to a 1972 Telecaster body.

This guitar’s saddles were as low as possible and it was still a bear to play.   It needed to have a different angle at the neck pocket to have things align properly.

This carbon fiber stock comes from Luthier’s Mercantile in 3 different sizes just covers the area that needs adjusting.


After cutting the pieces out with my lapidary band saw, they are glued to the back of the neck and sanded into one continuous ramp with this sanding block and 3M gold Stik-it sandpaper.


At this point the ramp is complete.  A fine file is used to round the edges, the holes are drilled for the neck screws and this guitar is back to having low action and killer tone.  This job costs $60 to complete, and is well worth it.  It was nice this guitar’s body was black, making this virtually invisible.


Another service added to this ailing Tele was a copper lining in it’s electronics cavity.  A complete shield is created from radio interference with the pickup/control cavities and the bottom of the pickguard.  This seal is created best with one wide piece of copper tape, not several overlapping each other.


Smoothed out with a credit card and outlined with an Exacto knife, this lining is completely invisible when back on the instrument.


This is how the cavities are lined.  Two pieces are all that’s need for making a complete seal.  The extra spills over onto the top to make a connection with the pickguard.


This guitar’s hum went down to virtually nothing.  With the addition of the carbon neck pocket, a complete fret job, and a new set of tuners, and a buffed finish, this guitar really took on the complete transformation.



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