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Gibson Firebird & Soldering Station

Gibson Firebird setup

Here’s a nice Gibson Firebird in garnet and gold getting a new Iboney nut and final setup at my assistant’s bench.Matt is from Newcastle, England and is a graduate of the Roberto Venn School of Luthiery.

firebird gibson

This solid oak bench from Harbor Frieght Tools has been reengineered to have all four drawers on one side, and an additional 7 1/2″ of height added to the legs, allowing for a comfortable position with a bar stool

iboney nut

Here’s a better shot of Matt’s work.   He’s pictured on the About Us page using a handy new tool for spreading glue in hard to reach places.

Soldering station

This is one of the newer additions to Straight Frets: a solder/desoldering station.  Not only does it have temperature controls for each side, but also a vacuum pump that allows for solder to be sucked out of pots and circuit boards.

Guitar pots


We have all sorts of pots in stock, most of them being CTS brand which are cryogenically treated.  We also have some specialty amp pots (for Trace Elliot and Ashdown amps), push-pulls, Tele mod pots, plus plenty of caps and quality wire to do treble bleed mods, coil taps, and virtually anything you’d want done to hot rod your ax.

vintage broom


Here’s where the phrase “They just don’t make them like they used to” applies…I picked up this NOS broom a few months back made in the 1950’s with instrument grade birdseye maple and genuine horse hair.  It rests against a stock pile of wood about to be made into some ukuleles…


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