Electric Guitar Repairs

Local luthier’s botched nut with intonation, cosmetic, and binding issues being replaced on a Les Paul Custom Shop


1982 Ibanez AM-205 having its chipped finish repaired, buckle rash removed, an iboney nut with aged finish blended into the binding, frets leveled, and F-hole overspray cleaned up.


Fret Leveling and problematic
corrosion removal from the
hardware on a PRS McCarty


1985 Japanese Fender Stratocaster
getting a full refret and a bone nut

Buzz-1 CROPPED.jpeg

Two different Les Paul Customs
getting Buzz Feiten Nuts installed


1966 Fender Telecaster getting an angled

carbon fiber neck pocket shim and a copper

lined electronics cavity

1977 Gibson Black Beauty with
several strap button footprints
getting filled with maple, painted
with Gibson touch up enamel, and
resurfaced & buffed to a new luster.

Gibson Firebird setup

A beautiful Gibson Firebird getting a new nut and pics of the Straight Frets soldering station

1960 Fender Strat Neck

1960 Fender Strat neck receiving light fret leveling on the Straight Frets surrogate body

fretless guitar

A Classic Vibe Telecaster having its frets removed and replaced with bone shims

72 telecaster refret

1972 Telecater getting a full refret, deluxe setup neck and body buffing, and a carbon fiber shim under the original nut.

Vintage Randy Rhodes Jackson getting a deluxe setup.

1979 Les Paul Custom getting a cavity filled with mahogany and covered with a custom made aluminum plate

2001 PRS 2001 PRS having its buckle
rash removed


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