Fret Work

Fret Leveling and problematic
corrosion removal from the
hardware on a PRS McCarty


1985 Japanese Fender Stratocaster
getting a full refret and a bone nut


Bob Dylan’s Gibson Southern
Jumbo receiving a fret job, new
Iboney nut, and buffed finish

Guild refret

Here’s a great sounding vintage Guild D-50 that came through the shop needing to be refretted. The tool we’re using was designed and made here. It adds support underneath the fingerboard extention making it safe to hammer frets over the body.

1960 Fender Strat Neck

1960 Fender Strat neck receiving light fret leveling on the Straight Frets surrogate body

J-45 bridge glue

Vintage J-45 having it’s bridge reglued, a partial refret, tuners replaced, finish buffed, and setup with a new iboney saddle.

1947 Epiphone Zenith

1947 Epiphone Zenith having it’s bent truss rod restored, binding and laminated back restored, refretted, and a new intonated wooden bridge cut from some rosewood stock.

  This Miguel Rodriguez “Church Door” concert classical guitar is a very special one. It is owned by local classical guitarist Susan McDonald.
 72 telecaster refret

This 1972 Telecaster was purchased brand new when it’s owner was only 12 years old- it’s been his main axe ever since.

Epiphone John Lennon

John Lennon Epiphone getting a partial refret and its finish buffed PART 1


John Lennon Epiphone getting a partial refret and its finish buffed PART 2


Having chipped finish repairs, buck rash removed, an iboney nut with aged finish added to the sides, finish buffed, and its frets leveled


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