Plek Machine

The Plek machine is a computer-controlled alternative to traditional methods of manual fret dressing. The Plek records the fret height in relation to the fretboard surface beneath each string at each fret to the accuracy of .0002”. Once the Plek has recorded all the measurements, it will then put its grinding wheel in place and grind the frets to proper heights, taking into account the gauge of the strings used, eliminating buzzing and improving overall playability. Once the Plekked guitar is back on my bench, I gently round the fret ends, polish the frets to a chrome-like luster, oil the fingerboard, tighten the tuners, and set the intonation. If a new nut was required, I also complete its shaping and polishing. Used by Gibson, Martin, John Suhr, Lakland, G&L, Collings, Santa Cruz, Takemine, and a slue of others, this CNC fret dressing system takes fret accuracy to the highest level. Click on this link for more info on the Plek Machine.   Plek Machine Screen   Plek & Final Setup: $200 (+ strings) New nut – add to the price $60 Refret, Plek and New Nut $500


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