Shipping Your Guitar to Texas

When deciding to ship your guitar, it’s best to send a few digital shots of your guitar through the Ask us a question link at left to help determine a fair estimate.  Once we’ve come to agreement, the guitar needs to be shipped properly.


I have had two large boxes heavily damaged by UPS in 2010, plus a large headache of an insurance claim on one of them.  Do not use UPS.  Do not use DHL.  Take your chances with the US Post Office.  I’ve also had a recent experience with them I would not want my customers to go through.  I only recommend either Craters and Freighters or Fed Ex Ground to ship your instrument at the beginning of a week. Craters and Freighters come to you and box the item, insures it, and sends it on its way. Click here to get a quote from them. If you choose to use FedEx, please read these next paragraphs.


Martin and Taylor shipping boxes are great.  They have cardboard collars in the top and bottom to suspend the case within the box.  You can get them at your local guitar store.  Some will sell them for up to $15, some still give them away.


Bubble wrap fills the void between the box and your guitar case.  Packing peanuts are not an acceptable means of packing material for insurance claims plus I don’t want to be sweeping up peanuts.  I would suggest contacting your local Fed Ex Office (formerly Kinko’s) and asking where they get their large rolls of bubble wrap.  It will set you back about $45 for two big rolls, but you’ll have over 3 times the amount you would at Office Depot for the same price.  Or just pay Fed Ex to pack it with their material.


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